Employee Rewards

Managers have always found it impossible to understand what exactly drives an employee. Given the direct impact it carries on the company’s growth, it is a scenario that needs professional assistance. Because human capital is the greatest asset of any organisation.

Our employee loyalty services enable you to launch cost-effective programs. These are guaranteed to improve employee performance, foster loyalty and establish a healthy work-culture.

We begin by understanding your workplace culture and its respective challenges. Additionally, we analyse your employees’ desires and detect the potential roadblocks to success. The compiled data helps us to deploy optimum employee engagement programs. 

These range from peer-to-peer nomination, milestone awards, gift catalogues, on-the-spot recognition, e-gift cards, certificates and awards. All these are integrated internally which can be managed seamlessly through manager dashboards. Vouchagram understands that an organisation is as effective as its employees. And we want you to be able to retain your outstanding employees.