Customer Loyalty Program

We understand that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. And the fact that retention is more efficient than acquiring new customers.

We use all forms of direct marketing. These include printed brochures, promo coupons, catalogues, personalised mailers, microsites, digital vouchers, text messages and social media.  

Additionally, we are equipped to handle in-store retail loyalty programs with points and privileges based rewards for individual customer-centric requirements. With Vouchagram, you get methods of integrating our software with your point-of-sale technology. And obviously, your servers will be equipped to capture, validate and track customer data consistently.  


Before the programs can be implemented, we carry out a meticulously planned course of action. It begins with an in-depth market research, need assessment and technology development. And we follow up by continuously evaluating our loyalty programs through various consumer behavioural trends. We go to such lengths because we understand the value of a loyal customer. And repeat business.