Channel Loyalty Program

Channel loyalty goes beyond basic discount or commission schemes. The aim is to transform a purely transactional relationship between a brand and its trade partners into a more emotional relationship.

Before defining your channel strategies, we conduct an in-depth study of your channel partners’ business objectives. By aligning your brand’s business objectives with your partners’, we create a strategic framework for implementing the program. Our channel loyalty experts guide you for program management. Plus, you get periodic reviews and recommendations delivered regularly.

The cardinal factor in the relationship between a brand and its channel partners is devising mutually beneficial schemes and incentive structures. Vouchagram ensures quick and foolproof two-way communication and transparent payouts. Emotional connects are augmented through different rewards and experiences. These rewards are not reactive, but proactive.

The benefits of Channel Loyalty services do not just increase the sales. They help set up an ecosystem to build lasting profitable relationships with your channel partners.