We are Innovators!

Gifting is all about experience ... And it’s us!

"There is a paradigm shift in consumer behavior; they don’t have time or even patience. Need of hour for companies is a robust redemption system that is instant, measurable and cost effective"

Vouchagram is the thought leader in the instant gifting and redemption domain. We bring about a paradigm shift in the domain using our proprietary technology.

High cost of Delivery, Delays, Loss in transit, and Lack of measurability have been the main stumbling blocks in Micro and Mini gifting space. Need of the hour is Near Zero cost of delivery with ZERO pilferage, damage and 100% measurability.

Vouchagram's Digital Code Management System (DCMS) is a ZERO error ecosystem that enables instant gifting and redemptions with high ROI.

Our Philosophy...

...is to redefine the gifting and redemption space!
We believe that the experience of receiving a gift should be like a gift in itself.

Why ship? Just Deliver!

When gift cost is the same as the delivery cost... it’s time to change.

Vouchagram’s DCMS is designed and developed to address key issues that make gifting and redemption in micro and mini value products unviable for both merchants and clients because of its:

  • High cost of dispatch
  • Delivery and time issues
  • Poor Customer experience
  • Lack of Measurability
  • Low ROMI

How Does it Work?

We buy, we sell and we deliver...Instantly!

Celebrate Together!
Gift Together!

Gifts….we all love em! Ohhh, we always wished that under that wrapper big or small is that gift we always wanted/desired!

myGyFTR is a group gifting platform which allows individual and group gifting to friends, family, colleagues and yourself!

How Does it Work?



What’s in it for me?

For our merchants, the benefits are:

  • An alternate sales channel
  • New customer acquisition
  • Indirect e-commerce presence
  • Quality data for the Brand may it be from a product or customer perspective
  • An effective sales tool to spike sale from time to time as per the business needs
  • Brand stays better connect with the ever evolving e-generation
  • Free branding and visibility

How do I become a merchant?

Please contact our sales team and they will revert to you within 24 hours. We enter into a contract post which we will mutually decide on the product categories / focused SKUs which you may wish to promote.

How will the model work ?

Step 1 Vouchagram generates codes for predefined SKU(products)and sells the same to various clients via its sales and distribution team .
Step 2 The clients use these digital vouchers across various customer, channel partner and employee rewards and recognition programs and promotions.
Step 3The end users redeem it at various brand outlets post real time validation.

Are there any additional costs?

There is a one time cost of integration which varies with the method of intergration used.

Will these vouchers be for products only or can I choose to sell value vouchers ?

Technologically, both product and value digital vouchers are feasible. However, the choice depends upon a number of factors such as percieved value for the client and end customers, client requirements, the nature of program and promotions etc.

When do I get payment for the products redeemed?

We generally have a credit period of 30-45 days and reconciliation is done on a monthly basis.

How would you educate all my stores and franchisees on the redemtion process across India?

We will educate your store staff either through webex, phone calls or personal sessions at select outlets if required. Helpdesk support will be provided as well.

What does a code look like?

Depending upon the industry segments and agreements, we use QR / Barcodes or 8-16 digit alpha numeric/ numeric codes. These are randomly generated unique codes nearly impossible to replicate.

How would my store staff know whether a code is genuine or not? Is there a helpline for the same?

Depending upon the mode of integration, these codes get validated real time at your POS when a customer comes for redemption. These codes are unique; hence code once consumed cannot be used again; your system will reject the request. For any further queries, support staff can be contacted.

What if My Store at the redemption time does not have the product mentioned in the digital voucher. Can the store manager offer a different product at that time? Can the customer exchange the product and take a higher or lower value product by paying or claiming the difference?

This largely depends upon the merchant organisation’s perspective and on the descretion of the store manager and customer . The same can be accounted for at the time of reconciliation.

What if the code validity is over, how do we settle the customer who comes at my storefront, would you authorise the code if customer requests?

For security and accuracy reasons, codes once expired are not reactivated. This can not be done at POS level; hence the customer will have to contact the program cell.

What type of reports am I supposed to generate to track sales through this channel? Woud I be required to maintain a bill copy or copy of the code?

Merchants or stores are not required to maintain any reports. The complete details get pulled from POS and our backend.

Can I only run the offer for select stores or cities only?

Regional or select store promotions can be considered. However, we prefer pan India agreeements.


What’s in it for me?

For our clients, the benefits are:

  • Savings on the cost of dispatch
  • High measurability
  • Reduction in lead time in implementing various promotions
  • More viable options
  • A whole new category of usage - flash sales / weekend incentives etc
  • Instant gift and reward deliveries to the end users

How will the model work ?

Step 1 The gifts or rewards are mutually decided basis client requirements.
Step 2The gifts are sent as digital codes. Vouchgram generates the codes which can get sent either to the client for further distribution or to the end customers directly using the dispatch module.
Step 3Customers redeems the gift by presenting the code at the merchant outlet.
Step 4CCustomer recieves his gift instantly at the store post real time validation.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. Our solutions in turn help reduce costs on handling, packaging & courier. Thus you can offer more to your customers at a lesser cost.

Will you charge us any handling fee for it?

No, there are no handling fees or extra charges for our services.

How will you help us increase our ROI?

Our business model is digital which ensures the following:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Proof of usage of voucher at merchant level
  • Delivery to the correct person
  • Accuracy of deliveries and data help track exact response from a promotion or marketing investment. This also helps reduce consumer escaltions some of which can surface months after your promotion closes which is a major challenge today for various corporates running end consumer promotions.

What choices and range of gifts can you offer?

We offer a wide range of gifts from across various categories like Foods & Beverages, Lifestyle, Apparels, Electronics, Home appliances etc. We have various viable options in micro and mini gift space ranging from USD 1.00 onwards.

Will I get a choice between products and value vouchers?

Technologically, both product and value options are feasible. However, it depends on our merchant agreements whether the gifts are available in value denominations or as product vouchers.

Would the customer get the vouchers only through mobile or vouchers in other forms as well?

Depending upon the promotions, these vouchers can be sent through SMS, email, MMS as simple text or QR /barcode